Birthday Tribute: To My Son

October 2013

At one point, I was a directionless 19 year old. I had left college, lost, confused, bitter… and because of my complete lack of identity and confidence, I was on a fast, downward spiral. Then two friends came to visit me in Alabama. One night, we chatted the moon out of the sky– they reminded me of the goodness in myself. Two months later, I found out one of them had unwittingly left behind a gift far more precious than anything I could’ve ever asked for.

It was a difficult and a beautiful time. On one hand, I was slammed with immense ugliness from many people– those people seemed to think that the simple fact that I had ‘gotten myself pregnant,’ and was alone, justified their behavior- I deserved to be treated any which way but nice.

Those people can disappear into time, because… there were angels around me, during that year in Alabama, who held me up when I needed it the most. My mom, Debra and her family, Lynn and Jennifer, Sharon, Cindy and Mark. Bobbie. Christopher… to name a few. I have never forgotten them, or the many others who supported me in later years.

But, the most important angel was the one that I was given to take care of– my son, Stef. I remember every detail of his birth clearly. I remember when he looked at me the first time- he had such serious eyes, and I remember brushing his nose, thinking, “Okay, here we go.” And sure enough, we went– through a wonderful 22 year journey. Because I was young, we grew up together and I cherish every single second. No matter how tough things got, I had my baby boy by my side reminding me what was important in life. He’s become a man that I’m unimaginably proud of.

With this, I wish Stef the happiest birthday, with many, many more to come.

© Pamela K. Wright 2013

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