Gratitude for the Day: Nov. 6

I thought about it and… I know students often appreciate their teachers– but do we, as teachers, tell our students often enough how much we appreciate them? After all, we don’t teach or learn in bubbles, but through interactions.

So… for today, my gratitude is that I’m deeply appreciative all my current and former students.

WITH them, I’ve created thousands of memories- wonderful, funny, shocking, serious, heartbreaking (RIP MattB♥), exhilarating, deep… It makes me smile when I remember moments from all my old classrooms in Alabama, DC, Montana, Arizona, Minnesota and Colorado.

FROM them, I’ve learned so much– maybe even more than I’ve taught them. Many students have taught me something about different aspects of life- patience, understanding, creativity, persistence, flexibility, awe, curiosity, the willingness to question and challenge, how teenagers think, compassion, the un-willingness to settle for less quality, joy, tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance, humility, loyalty, humor-humor and lots of humor and just how evanescent life is… So many amazing lessons from my students.

© Pamela K. Moers 2013

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